I spent the night with Honey.

I’ll call him that because he reminds me of the song

Just so damn sweet and with that I can’t go wrong.

I got my honey.

It’s so perfect that the words are flowing so well

while I’m listening to Rachelle Ferrell

I’m so inspired and compelled

to tell you how he moves me.

Yes, I finally got my honey.

When I look into his warm, brown eyes,

I just want to kiss him.

Laid back and chill, I can just be who I am with him.

When he plants those soft kisses on me,

Those big, beautiful lips get me.

So happy I finally got some honey.



Am I Doing It Wrong?: A Journal Entry

Am I doing it wrong because…

I believe in honesty and transparency.

I believe in being myself in my many forms.

I believe in love and expressing it.

I believe in acceptance of myself and others.

I believe in simple things.

I believe in a night on the couch doing nothing.

I believe in just listening.

I believe in giving myself.

Maybe that does make me naive considering the way the world is today and how horribly selfish and inconsiderate people can be. Yet, after all I have been through, I celebrate that I am not jaded and I have not allowed anyone to break my spirit or turn my heart to stone.