Birthday Reflection: Ready for Year 27

Twenty-six was challenging and my goodness, there were some hard days but I am so proud that I managed to fall in love with myself, find a deeper connection with God and meet some amazing people that have changed my life forever.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this last year, it’s to trust God. Even with the smallest things… stop worrying and just trust God.

I feel like I should include my angels in this post, seriously, I don’t know where I would be without them.

Maya Angelou Quote

Sara – I feel like we were instantly friends… dancing in a nightclub in Denver while high on life. Literally, I admire this woman’s carefree spirit. She is who she is. Accept it or don’t. She reminded me of who I am… when I needed to hear it the most. I was so stuck and she pulled me out. I can still see her sitting in front of my desk telling me that I deserve to be happy, even if that meant I had to be alone and start over. She quite literally helped me start over, helping me heal with no judgement, without forcing her own agenda onto me, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

My Mom – She must stay praying for me. Somehow, my guardian angels never leave my side. We may never agree on most things lol. But I know when I need something, when I need to reset, when I need a talking to, when I need someone to be absolutely real with me… she is it.

Gina – I would need a whole post for this one. She is laughter. She is love. She is kindness. She is my spiritual advisor. I hope to be as giving as her. I truly feel loved in her presence. She gets the power of friendship and sisterhood, having a friend that will willingly, consistently contribute to my own personal growth is a friend worth keeping for life and it truly is a blessing from God.

My Ex-Boyfriend – I’m calling him one of my angels because not all angels are pretty, not all angels are soft, whispering words of encouragement. Some angels yield swords and are made for war. I learned a lot about myself and I will forever be grateful for a few things from him. He made me curious about what a relationship with God looked like for me. He made me want to be a mother, that was something that I thought would never be in the cards for me. Most of all, I learned that I could give someone all of me with pure, unconditional love with the sweetest intentions… I can only imagine how much love the right man will receive from me. It makes me smile though.

Catherine – Sometimes… people will come into your life for the shortest amount of time and change it forever. I am forever grateful for every tear she let me shed, every piece of advice, and every time she told me I will be okay. A hug from Cat will cure anything.

For the first time in my life, I love myself, I accept myself, and I’m excited about my journey! So much can happen in a year.