Twenty-Six: My Birthday Reflection

Some people say they wish they could go back and speak to their younger selves… I wouldn’t tell my 25 year old self a thing. Every day was a test in some way, every person that has come and gone in my life has served a profound purpose. I am glad to say that although I am a stubborn, emotional being… I live and I learn with no regrets. I have become this beautiful person that is a reflection of her heart and soul.

I cannot express how important it is to show yourself love.┬áIf something or someone isn’t making you happy… please do better for yourself. There is no sense in being unhappy for anyone.

There is nothing wrong with loving with all your heart and soul, yes you will probably get hurt but I would rather say I tried my best than half assed something.

When you do get hurt… by whoever or whatever it is. Grieve. Go through the process but don’t stay there. Don’t become consumed by it.

I want you to pay attention to your circle… I would rather have friends that will pray me through my struggles than hand me a drink for the pain. I want people around me who are striving to be better and seeking to upgrade their level of thinking and being in this world.

It is okay to let some people go… as much as you want them in your lives, as much as you want it to work out or be how it used to be… if it is unhealthy, let it go.

I’ve had the most terrific day… I feel like this next chapter will be one of love and laughter. I started the day off with church, had lunch with the parental units and then went on a really good date with someone new. It’s been something unexpected and still quite fresh. But he makes me laugh from my belly. He’s intense but not scary. He’s respectful yet straightforward as hell. The chemistry is unbelievable. If it is just a fleeting thing where two people that just happened to have a good day together, that would be okay with me. He’s an amazing human being… and I’m not saying that just because he got me a birthday present and it was our first date.

I am exhausted from this day. So, with a smile on my face and contentment in my heart… my birthday ends in a little over thirty minutes. I look forward to what this next year will bring.