Late Nights, Early Mornings

The bass vibrates
His lust fills the air and he caresses.
Soon I may be succummbed, swallowed and affected.

Drunk girls and the boys are horny
Losing inhibitions in back seats
like we’re 17 and never been lonely.

Alcohol haze
Powder dancing through my veins.
Approaching dangerous territory
With wet kisses from a man.

I could be about this life
I don’t want to sit at home every night.
So pass the joint to the right.
Roll down the windows and let’s ride.


It’s Too Cold For Me Here

This bed is cold even though you’re lying here
I can’t sleep because my body pulses with fear

All of its gone
Every piece of me
Every wall I built
Every word I said
Every thing I did
You have it all.

I would say I’ve wasted six years
Six years of compromising and tears
No hard lesson left unlearned
Selflessly I gave to you with no return
Every drop of my devotion
All of my love and affection
Unconditional love
I gave you everthing I was capable of

Lying here cold
In this once warm place
Where I’ve cried
Begging to your face
For you to see me
For you to touch me
For you to love me like you used to
Your cold stare and stale disposition
I finally see what I’ve been missing
I loved you more than I love myself

That has to change.
I know I can be helped.


Honest Truth

Think about this: How many times have you had to think, type, delete and type again a response to someone? Bite your tongue to keep from saying what you feel?

To me it is more stressful when you have to figure out what to say rather┬áthan just being honest and forthcoming, with yourself and with the person you need to communicate with. That doesn’t mean you’re being too vulnerable. It means you’re an adult, you can communicate openly and intelligently. Playing games is so much work!

When you hold onto emotions and hold back things you want to say… it eats at you. Let that be free and you can deal with that person’s reactions or the “consequences” of being honest as they come.

If you miss someone… tell them.

If someone hurt you… tell them.

If you want to say I love you… do that.

If you’re upset… say that.

Don’t hold it in… that doesn’t do any good. Even if it’s some rude lady in the grocery store who’s talking to her partner about the food choices in your basket. I wish I would’ve turned around and told her about herself, instead I paid for my groceries and drove home mad that she had the audacity to say what she said right in my ear basically. This is still something I need to practice as well, obviously.

Your friend,