Writing Challenge: Day 9 – The Future

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short time on this Earth is that you never know where Life is going to take you.

Just over a year ago, I was planning to be married and the best Step-Mom on the face of the Earth. At about this time, we would be finishing up something on Netflix and in about an hour I would say what I had been saying every night for a year and a half: “Go back in there and brush your teeth better than that, you brushed them for 10 seconds. I counted.” Or some variation that usually depended on how tired I was.

How I hope my future will be?

I hope I still have something to write about.

I hope to have love.

I hope to be healthy and happy.

As far as the reasons why I will be still writing, loving, and being happy… you never know. Could be a husband and children. Could be just children. I could’ve started liking animals. I could have traveled the world. I could have all of these. You just simply never know.




Precious Jalisa


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