Writing Challenge: Day 10 – First Kiss/First Love

I don’t remember my first kiss. The end.

As far as my first love, my first real love. It makes me smile to think of those first few months, although, it ended in me kicking your Xbox six years later. You loved video games more than you loved me.

You were tall, dark, and handsome. I loved seeing you smile so I can catch a glimpse of your dimples. You were the first man to make me feel truly desired as a woman and not just a play toy. I would’ve done anything and everything for you and I did! I’m sure the soul tie we had was because you gave me my first orgasm.

Living with you was the worst, but you were my best friend. I’ll never forget our first date. You took me to play laser tag and I thought that was so unique. You were the sweetest as we sat on the same side of the booth afterwards and we shared a slice of turtle cheesecake. Our first kiss really fulfilled my fantasies… we were playing on a playground, having so much fun and it started to rain………….

Those two people are long gone now. I am so grateful we are both in better places. We went back and forth for six years. I’m sorry for making both of us so unhappy by holding onto you longer than I should have.




Precious Jalisa


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