Writing Challenge: Day 7 – The Lion

I’ve always felt some connection between myself and being a Leo. I was born on August 9th, 1989. 8.9.89. I would like to point out at that the late, great Whitney Houston was also born on August 9th.

I’m an uncharacteristically shy Leo. I don’t feel like I’m as self-centered as others think Leos are either. I lean more towards having the characteristics of a Lion than whatever a Leo is…

I’m a Queen. Loyal. Protective and territorial. I am hunter and nurturer. Loving and ferocious. My growl is loud, my bite only happens out of necessity. I can be gentle and let my vicious side reveal itself.

I will leave you with a few lines from Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself” from Lemonade below. I feel the need to remind myself that I am not broken, there’s so much strength inside of me. There are some people and things threatening my sanity lately.



Precious Jalisa


Writing Challenge: Day 6 – 30 (mildly) Interesting Facts about Me

  1. Mangoes turn me on. Cutting into a mango. Eating a mango. It’s all really erotic for me. I found this out about an hour ago, so it was fresh on my mind.
  2. I think I am what you would call a nudist. I was not naked while eating that mango mentioned in number 1. That would be just….. weird.
  3. My first creative love is poetry.
  4. I have a very hard time verbally communicating my thoughts and feelings.
  5. I love jazz.
  6. I probably love wine more than I like most people.
  7. I used to date someone that had four kids. Step-mom totally fits me.
  8. The beach is my happy place.
  9. Once, I forgot where I parked downtown. I was alone, wasted and scared, so I paid a homeless guy $100 to find my car. He found it in what seemed like 30 seconds.
  10. I’m always singing in my head. Or out loud if you’re lucky lol.
  11. I’ll break out in dance anywhere and at any time. Don’t tempt me. My life is a Broadway musical.
  12. My memory SUCKS.
  13. I don’t like dogs. Or cats. I’m really just not an animal person. Some people would group me with Lucifer for saying that.
  14. I can’t sleep without my fan.
  15. Trained Phlebotomist. Yes, I can draw your blood, I would rather not.
  16. I have this irrational fear of killing someone by accident one day. (Hence, why I gave up phlebotomy.
  17. I was in a car accident on 11/16/16. I was conscious for the whole thing… but still had to check to see if I was dead when I crawled out of the car.
  18. I am eerily calm when a tragedy happens.
  19. My wrist tattoo is an ode to my emotional instability… I didn’t realize until I was mid-tattoo session that this could also be interpreted  as me being bi-polar as fuck.
  20. I take that Black Girl Magic thing very seriously… For real, I think I magically glow with the power of cocoa butter and coconut oil.
  21. I’ve had this reoccurring sex dream about Prince since I was in middle school. I haven’t had this dream since he died last year.
  22. I believe in another lifetime, I was a cat that loved chicken nuggets.
  23. I’d like to go on a really long road trip.
  24. I always reevaluate my life on my birthday, instead of New Year’s Eve.
  25. I hate small talk. That’s probably why I don’t talk much to people I don’t know.
  26. I am an “extroverted introvert”… it’s exhausting.
  27. I am quite possibly obsessed with this lady named Maggie. She does my pedicures. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Probably the only one I have right now. Especially when she rubs… Okay… moving on.
  28. I put lotion on my hands all day long.
  29. I need to have a 90’s themed birthday party… or my life will not be complete. (Fresh Prince – 90’s, not grunge 90’s.)
  30. I’m not as smart as people assume I am… *side eye*

Writing Challenge: Day Three – Day I Don’t Even Know

I will be smashing a few writing prompts into one post because I suck and have been forgetting that I am doing a writing challenge. Will there be a prompt about how I can’t keep my shit together for more than five seconds? My writing partner, Priscilla, didn’t yell at me. Let’s blame her. Funny, sometimes people don’t believe that my name is Precious and they usually call me Priscilla or Princess instead. Random useless information about me. You’re welcome!

Day Three – Your views on Drugs and Alcohol

Yes and Fuck Yes. Done.

Haha, just kidding. Probably the only thing that is a constant in my world is alcohol. If there was ever a musical about my life, it would be a one woman show singing to a bottle of Cabernet. Its name would be “Cabbie,” kind of like Gabby but not.

Every Tuesday, I sit in the corner of this bar and talk to the bartender as I gulp margaritas. I don’t know why I keep drinking tequila, it makes me overly friendly and I get the flirty eyes with everyone. I. Don’t. Care. Who. You. Are. These brown eyes will dance with you. Deal with it.

My drug of choice right now? Fish tacos. Until the death of me.

Day Four – Your Views on Religion

I could never step foot in another church in my life and that would be okay with me, because I know God doesn’t dwell in a building. I don’t need the guidelines of the Bible or a preacher in expensive shoes and a suit to tell me how to live my life, be a good person, and treat others.

I’ve never felt God be more present than when I’m quiet and still… listening… surrounded by nature. I meet God in the smile of a kind stranger… not in the handshake of a deacon. I truly believe that religion has become a tool of control. Maybe it didn’t start that way… maybe it just started with a group of people crying to the sky for rain to come because they were thirsty. It’s turned into something so fake… and disgusting.

I’m so glad my spirituality is rooted in something more than what others have tried to convince me to believe in.

Day Five – A Time You Thought About Ending Your Own Life

I stare at the scar sometimes

Remembering the moment well

Seems like a lifetime has passed

but I still can’t talk about it…

Maybe when the scar fades and I’ve run out of shame.