Why Can’t I Be An Oreo?

Something I’ve always struggled with is feeling out of place. No matter where I am, I feel as though I don’t fit in for one reason or another.

I began to question myself when my Mother used to look at me in disgust or laugh in my face when she would walk in on me “being a white girl.”

Picture this: I had to be maybe 14 or 15 (I think) when Britney Spears’ Toxic came out and I’m in my bedroom trying to write on the calendar hanging near my door, jamming to this song. My Mom comes around the corner and laughs, then imitates my limited dance moves. “What are you doing?” I’m immediately embarrassed, so I say I’m just writing on my calendar and stop dancing.

“You’re so white… like oh my God,” my mother laughs at her impression of me and walks off.

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I want to Paint your body
with words of Passion,
with the colors of my heart.

I’ll cover every inch of your skin
with the Melodies that Dance from my lips
I’ll cover you
in the Colors of my Heart,
with Melodies of a Love
that will last forever.


Who Could Predict The Light Coming On In Their Soul? | Daily Prompt

I did not reply to the original prompt predicting my future… no doubt I would’ve had something depressing and negative but hopeful to say.

Now that I am brand new, positive, writer Precious… I will gladly tell you how 2014 has been quite the year.

Major Events:

I quit my job as the Office Manager of the family business and subsequently lost the relationship with my mother.

I ended a friendship.

I had a best friend move to New York and a best friend move back home.

I began working on a novel, blogging regularly and I’m working on a short story series that I will post on my blog.

Maya Angelou passed away.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t have predicted any of this. None of it. Some of these were really hard to work through and I am so happy and proud of myself for not letting any of it break me. I actually came out stronger.

Even though I still struggle some days with being positive and I have to take my day minute by minute sometimes, I am infinitely stronger than I was. These emotional breakthroughs I’ve had are the most important to me. They are more important than finding a new 9 to 5, they are more important than having money to go out.

This year, I gave myself permission to be myself and to do what makes me happy. I’ve been living for so long for everyone else and in my short 25 years it made me so tired.

I stand up for myself now. I recognize and give validation to my own feelings. I’m still a really sensitive soul but I have found my voice and I have made my own backbone because I don’t think I was born with one.

I love writing, I love blogging. I love the feeling I get when I touch someone with something I’ve put out there. I can’t wait to do more. I definitely can’t wait for all my followers to read my short story series.

I’m loving life right now! I’m unemployed and Ramen noodles have become my best friend but I am loving me right now!

Your friend,