Writing Challenge: Day 6 – 30 (mildly) Interesting Facts about Me

  1. Mangoes turn me on. Cutting into a mango. Eating a mango. It’s all really erotic for me. I found this out about an hour ago, so it was fresh on my mind.
  2. I think I am what you would call a nudist. I was not naked while eating that mango mentioned in number 1. That would be just….. weird.
  3. My first creative love is poetry.
  4. I have a very hard time verbally communicating my thoughts and feelings.
  5. I love jazz.
  6. I probably love wine more than I like most people.
  7. I used to date someone that had four kids. Step-mom totally fits me.
  8. The beach is my happy place.
  9. Once, I forgot where I parked downtown. I was alone, wasted and scared, so I paid a homeless guy $100 to find my car. He found it in what seemed like 30 seconds.
  10. I’m always singing in my head. Or out loud if you’re lucky lol.
  11. I’ll break out in dance anywhere and at any time. Don’t tempt me. My life is a Broadway musical.
  12. My memory SUCKS.
  13. I don’t like dogs. Or cats. I’m really just not an animal person. Some people would group me with Lucifer for saying that.
  14. I can’t sleep without my fan.
  15. Trained Phlebotomist. Yes, I can draw your blood, I would rather not.
  16. I have this irrational fear of killing someone by accident one day. (Hence, why I gave up phlebotomy.
  17. I was in a car accident on 11/16/16. I was conscious for the whole thing… but still had to check to see if I was dead when I crawled out of the car.
  18. I am eerily calm when a tragedy happens.
  19. My wrist tattoo is an ode to my emotional instability… I didn’t realize until I was mid-tattoo session that this could also be interpreted  as me being bi-polar as fuck.
  20. I take that Black Girl Magic thing very seriously… For real, I think I magically glow with the power of cocoa butter and coconut oil.
  21. I’ve had this reoccurring sex dream about Prince since I was in middle school. I haven’t had this dream since he died last year.
  22. I believe in another lifetime, I was a cat that loved chicken nuggets.
  23. I’d like to go on a really long road trip.
  24. I always reevaluate my life on my birthday, instead of New Year’s Eve.
  25. I hate small talk. That’s probably why I don’t talk much to people I don’t know.
  26. I am an “extroverted introvert”… it’s exhausting.
  27. I am quite possibly obsessed with this lady named Maggie. She does my pedicures. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Probably the only one I have right now. Especially when she rubs… Okay… moving on.
  28. I put lotion on my hands all day long.
  29. I need to have a 90’s themed birthday party… or my life will not be complete. (Fresh Prince – 90’s, not grunge 90’s.)
  30. I’m not as smart as people assume I am… *side eye*

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Day 6 – 30 (mildly) Interesting Facts about Me

  1. Holy smokes! Are you ok to talk about the car accident you were in. I know you can mention it, but are you ok to talk about the details? The accident I was in had fatalities. Three of my shipmates. Took me nearly ten years to be ok with talking about it.
    I like this list, and I hate to admit this, I am not fond of Mangos.
    Jazz is a miracle of music. Who are some of your favorites? Miles Davis and Billie are beautiful. I am no expert.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can talk about it, there were fortunately no fatalities. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about your shipmates.

      Jazz is amazing. Billie Holiday is my all time fav. I did go to this concert downtown once… and fell in love with a saxophonist named Chris Mitchell. Sigh. Beautiful.


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