Writing Challenge: Day Two – A Decade Has Passed

The specific prompt is: Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

LIKE to be? On a beach. Naked. With a long enough straw sticking out of my strawberry daiquiri that I can lay down in the sun and only have to poke my lips out to take a sip. I read a lot and write beautiful poetry when I’m inspired. Most likely, I will be inspired because there’s a delicious, chocolate man next to me that smells of cocoa butter and black soap. He may be my husband or he could be a man servant who has to refill my drink and give me foot rubs… same same.

As I am body slammed back into reality… where will I REALLY be in 10 years?

I can only hope to love others and feel love in return. My mind, body, and spirit are balanced and I feel stable. I will be going on 38, I won’t pressure myself into having it all figured out but I’d like to be able to handle whatever I have going on in my life… whatever it may be.


Precious Jalisa



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