Everything I Touch Remains Unfinished…

Everything I touch remains unfinished.

With all of my greatest intentions

I have a love for everything

and I find the beauty in you

Yes… YOU reading this.


I have passion for everything I see

and I’m inspired by the tiniest things

Yet, everything I do remains undone.

If I box it all up, press it down, sit on it and ignore it…

Pretend I am put together,

Pretend I am a finished product.

Maybe no one will notice…

This half empty person,

walking around unfinished

And with dozens of things undone.

Novels. Poems. Degrees.

Conversations and Dreams.

All remain begging for my attention at my knees

and I just leave it unfinished.



But of course,

the pivotal moments where your life changes

so unexpectedly…

I couldn’t look into his eyes

as I had done hundreds of times

as he forced upon me…

the first thing that I would ever finish.



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