Inevitable Demise Between Her Thighs

He fell in love with a pair of legs

Mostly how it felt between them

Compassion and love soared there

but only when he was between her thighs.


He wasn’t ready for the broken heart she possessed

guarded by fake smiles and secrets she withheld.

She wasn’t ready for his relentlessness

trying to stitch her together with his intensity.

She felt like a beautiful disaster in his eyes…

so she opened up regardless of her inevitable demise.

Despite the love that grew on better days

These two were like a hurricane

Misunderstandings made up bitter rain

Whirlwinds of daggers thrown

Flooding waters of pain…

There was so much hurt…

And in that hurt so much good intention.

But who could help but fall in love between those thighs

Where love and compassion lie

Where they could be pieced together

Never knowing it would lead to an inevitable demise

So toxic and connected that neither one of them would survive.

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