2 am

Little bottled up container of emotion.
Always wants to leak in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep.
Anxiety spilled over into my dreams and woke me up.
I try to quickly turn over and drift back to nothing…
but one of the bandaids on my heart came free
and the sadness is escaping through my blood stream
I realize I’m hot and my scarf came off…
So now I’m pissed and gotta pee
I go to the bathroom and see it’s 2 am
I’m sorting through my mind of maybe someone I could call and ease me back to sleep…
but no one
No one would answer the phone for me…
Not at 2 am.
I guess God would… isn’t he always on the mainline?
Well all I want is to be held…
One… good… time.
If He could work that out for me so I could go back to sleep
instead of sorting through thoughts that make me want to cry…
at 2 am.

My heart hurts

In a few hours,
I’ll have two cups of coffee to help flush out the sadness running through my veins.
I’ll put on a cute outfit
some makeup…
to help cover up…
the pain I felt at 2 am


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