“Hanging out” and “Kicking it” – No Sir, I Will Not

I am speaking for the girls that aren’t sluts, thots, hoes, slores, slutbags, whores, harlots, jezebels or whatever other name you can think of for a loose woman:

No. We don’t want to come to your house and “hang out”. No. I don’t want to sit and watch Netflix with you, I have my own account. No. I’m not just going to “come over.”

We know this…


Turns into this…


Right after the opening credits!

We’re too good for you and too smart to fall for that. If you’re too cheap to ask a woman out then here’s some advice: get creative. It is definitely possible to find something to do that is free or cheap but still unique and thoughtful. I think that’s the very least you can do if you have good intentions for the woman you are interested in.

Now, if it is purely about “hooking up” please let us know ahead of time, skip the “beautifuls”, the “I love your eyes” and whatever other generic compliment you have and give us the chance to say “NO,” so we can move on and you can go find the slut you’re actually looking for. No one wastes any time or gets their feelings hurt.

YOU’RE WELCOME! I’m just here to help.

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