Post Break-Up Ramblings in a Post Girl’s Night Hangover Fog

I have been single for ten days… yes, I counted don’t judge me. I also haven’t put pants on today… at all. Still don’t judge me.

Here are some fucking lessons and self-reflections and epiphanies and realizations and shit.

  1. I’m an idiot… for the following reasons:
  • putting someone before myself (all that selflessness… nah)
  • using my time, energy, resources and skills to upgrade a man…
  • being so focused on my relationship and OUR life that I forgot about ME.
  • for never REQUIRING a higher standard of treatment
  • for BRAINWASHING myself into thinking this man was going to be the only one attracted to me, to love me, etc.
  1. If you love someone, you don’t just give up on them… especially when that person would never give up on you and you KNOW that. How dare you… bastard.
  2. I’m so salty right now. This is what I needed… a long ass girl’s night and a salty ass blog post. Then I’ll be over it.

  3. The movie Van Helsing is just… I don’t know what’s going on. I did come in during the middle.

  4. Starting over from scratch is going to be a pain in the ass………. but I can do it.

  5. There is someone out there for me… someone find him and tell him to meet me at the altar in about a year. I’ll be done sowing my royal oats and doing all types of crazy things and being selfish.

Okay. Bye.


This is literally me today… but with way bigger limbs and waaayyyy bigger boobs.



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