Honest Truth

Think about this: How many times have you had to think, type, delete and type again a response to someone? Bite your tongue to keep from saying what you feel?

To me it is more stressful when you have to figure out what to say rather than just being honest and forthcoming, with yourself and with the person you need to communicate with. That doesn’t mean you’re being too vulnerable. It means you’re an adult, you can communicate openly and intelligently. Playing games is so much work!

When you hold onto emotions and hold back things you want to say… it eats at you. Let that be free and you can deal with that person’s reactions or the “consequences” of being honest as they come.

If you miss someone… tell them.

If someone hurt you… tell them.

If you want to say I love you… do that.

If you’re upset… say that.

Don’t hold it in… that doesn’t do any good. Even if it’s some rude lady in the grocery store who’s talking to her partner about the food choices in your basket. I wish I would’ve turned around and told her about herself, instead I paid for my groceries and drove home mad that she had the audacity to say what she said right in my ear basically. This is still something I need to practice as well, obviously.

Your friend,



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