Coffee Jitters and Medusa Hair | Daily Prompt

Coffee is flowing through my veins.

Apparently, I didn’t need two cups of coffee because I just deleted everything I said with my spazzy fingers. My eyeballs are bulging out of my head. I don’t usually drink coffee but I decided to buy some on this past Sunday’s grocery trip. I’ve only been drinking one cup every morning but this morning, it was so tasty, I made a second cup. I know better. I’m so sensitive to everything. I took one 5 mg melatonin Tuesday night and slept for 10 hours! I get side effects from everything. I don’t think I should be operating heavy machinery right now… this laptop is humongous.

I haven’t been counting the minutes. I don’t know why I can’t follow the rules. Let’s try this again next week, Daily Post Geniuses, and I’ll set a timer. Trial and Error.

So, yesterday evening I put my hair into some two-strand twists. Like this (but this isn’t me):


Now, I’m a horrible sleeper. I toss and turn, kick my boyfriend in the leg, throw pillows around. So, imagine these sticking up and out, like little black child Medusa. *singing “I woke up like this!”*

I walked my boyfriend out, as he was on his way to work, kissed him goodbye and stepped outside of the door to feel the cool air.

I’m looking up at the sky, took a deep breath and I hear, “Get your ass back in the house, you look crazy!” I remembered what I looked like, screamed laughing and ran in the house.

We talk to each other like that all the time. I feel like it’s real and genuine, like we’re best friends first and then a couple second. Even though that type of language may be harsh for some people (it’s not for me, I cuss him out too), I hope everyone has that feeling, like their partner is their best friend.

I’m sure it’s been way over ten minutes… Ciao!

3 thoughts on “Coffee Jitters and Medusa Hair | Daily Prompt

  1. Yesterday I wrote an entire poem that I deleted. Puff! Like smoke. I didn’t even have the excuse of too much coffee. They are sacrifices we pay to the muses. Obviously, you replaced your deleted sentences with even better ones. Enjoyed today’s post very much, Precious. —Judy


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