I’m Always On Time | Daily Prompt

A Daily Prompt with a time limit!!?

Are you trying to give me a panic attack?

This is why I can’t be on game shows, ticking of clocks (even ones in my head) drive me insane. It is usually fairly easy for me to just type my thoughts out and I like you WordPress, so I will give it a try.

Okay, so already I’ve been distracted for about five minutes, damn you attention span!!!

I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog page to chronicle my weight loss journey. I’ve convinced myself, doing it! I always see these people who start to lose weight and they only post the good stuff, how they burned hundred and hundred of calories, worked out twice in a day and ate their exact macros.

I want to talk about things like… why on Earth do my fingers swell up when I’m working out? The fact that sometimes I have to stop for a minute because my lower back hurts so much and what does that mean. Do I have a bad walk? Is my back just weak? I’ll talk about the good stuff too and post recipes. I just want someone to show the good, the bad, the lazy, the nasty sweaty booty. It might as well be me, I won’t show you my sweaty booty though, that’s gross.

Watching the rain after my workout. My calves are all muscle… be jealous. Actually don’t be, it’s very hard to find boots during the fall/winter months when your calves are this big.


How long has it been? I haven’t been keeping track of the time! I’m not good at this!

This morning, I got an email from one of my Professors. There’s no Midterm Exam and they fact that I studied for a nonexistent exam makes me want to draw on someone’s face. (I’ve been saying that a lot lately… and I hope everyone knows that I’m not talking about drawing rainbows and butterflies with bright paint and a nice smile on my face……….)

This is my expression when I say that.


**Okay, it’s been way over ten minutes… sorry.**

10 thoughts on “I’m Always On Time | Daily Prompt

  1. What a silly prompt! But you did well and great idea to chronicle your journey of weight loss. I would hate it to be one of those self-glorifying ones again, I think readers want to read the hard sweaty facts and truths. It would make for a very entertaining read and I think it’ll take the pressure out for you as well. Because getting fit should frankly be fun, too, right??

    My stress levels are super high these days and my attention span just short enough to post a 140 character tweet about travel. How sad! But I will take an hour now to read your recent blog posts and randomly comment on it – to prove you that I’m still your loyal follower ! 😀


    • LoL! Thank you so much! Getting fit should be fun, that’s why I can’t wait to knock a few pounds off, so I feel comfortable enough to go to dance classes again.

      I think the blogging will help me stay accountable, too. I always go hard for a few weeks and then stop, then start all over again. I’m hoping this will change that.

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      • I’m the same! Must be the whole Generation Y thing – we want quick results and lots of compliments & achievements to keep us going. If progress stops or we don’t feel rewarded we tend to move on lol. Good luck!!


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  3. I just did the 10 minute exercise as well and think it’s really hard to write focussed in the beginning. I needed some sentences to get into it as well. 🙂 You did end up with a good post and I think it’s a great idea to write realistically about losing weight, the good and the bad. Hope you succeed!


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