Friendships & Forgiveness

When someone you love confides in you about something that is hurting them… LISTEN and HEAR them.

My best friend confides in me about a lot of different things and I am always there to listen. A couple weekends ago it seemed to be a rather emotional day for her and she ended up confiding in me about me. With the exception of my boyfriend, I have never had anyone tell me about how I’ve hurt them and express it from a place of anguish instead of contempt. She was so crushed by some of my actions over the years and I let her tell me without interjecting with my reasonings. You can’t tell someone how to hurt. You can’t tell someone when to let something go. Although, I wanted to tell her my argument and express how she shouldn’t take my actions over the years so personally… who am I to try to make someone’s pain seem small?

It was actually a great lesson for me, listening to her. I realize the reasons why I can’t hold onto relationships with family and friends. I realized why sometimes my boyfriend and I clash. It took someone to tell me with tears streaming down their face, for me to get it…………

I love being so open with someone. I love being able to cry and apologize. I love that we don’t think it’s weird that after two big bottles of wine… shit gets weird.

I hope everyone has a friend like mine and I hope she forgives me for my moments of absence over the years. I love her dearly.


To My Fellow Wine-O:

I’m so sorry about not being there for you during those really important time in your life. I’m so lucky you are not the immature type to just say “Fuck yo” when it comes time for me to need you in return.

You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve the pretty boy, as well as deserve the person you’re in love with.

You deserve a dance career. It may not play out exactly how you’ve imagined it but I guarantee that you will make a difference and you will be successful.

I wish you could see yourself, the way I see you.

I love you.

P.S. I would like to add that since I wrote this, you’ve killed your audition for a dance team and made it! You’re on your way!

5 thoughts on “Friendships & Forgiveness

  1. Precious! I love you so so so so much! Thank you for this. And thank you for our nights we have. You are the you in the world. I know that sounds obvious. But you are so amazing and make my life so so so so so worth living. And I’m so glad that we can let shit get weird lmfao.


  2. I love your work on here. Very uplifting, funny, & inspiring. I subscribed to your wordpress to my gmail account but for some reason I can no longer see/read your full note (sucks) Anyway I hope u make it big in the writing world

    Liked by 1 person

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