Hopeless: Journaling Thoughts

I don’t want to slip into the darkness that is depression.

I don’t want to start cutting again.

I don’t want to drown in the tears of my sorrowful thoughts.

I have to change my circumstances.

I have to change my environment.

I need love.

I need comfort.

I need acceptance.

I often ask myself how I got to this point, exactly when did I become this version of myself. I hate it.

I wish I could vacation from myself.

But writing this is a breathtaking calm and I will be okay… eventually.

One thought on “Hopeless: Journaling Thoughts

  1. What I found interesting is, “I wish I could vacation from myself”. I think it’s a good thing we can’t, otherwise I believe there would be plenty of people on an extended leave. Once you return you’d still have the same issues or challenges. Maybe another way to look at it is what could you get from a vacation that would encourage change? Is it the escape or the freedom to do certain things? It’s probably possibly to included whatever that thing is in your actually life. Of course everything is always easier said than done but knowing you are capable is the beginning I think.


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