The Purple Van That Went Everywhere | Daily Prompt


Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life. 

The most meaningful hand-me-down I’ve received is my first car. It was a 1998 Honda Odyssey, it had four doors so it was completely okay driving a van around in high school. I learned how to drive with this car, I spent many weekends with my friends inside this car and a lot of people made great memories and maybe some bad ones too.

My purple van got me back from a horrible trip to South Padre on little to no gas.

The boyfriend I had my senior year in high school, tied a bunch of stuff he found on side of the road onto this van and picked me up from the movies. I distinctly remember a mattress and a chair on the roof and a really dry, old wreath hanging on the side view mirror.

i’ve chased someone through their neighborhood just because everyone in the car thought she was smoking. She still, to this day, doesn’t know who was in that car. She probably thought we were a child predator or psycho killer, but it was just her fellow drill team members who wanted to catch her doing something bad. She probably wasn’t even smoking, it could’ve been a lollipop for all we knew, it was dark! Yet, sixteen year old logic said to follow her and find out what she’s doing, we ended up inadvertently scaring the shit out of her.

My awesome, four door, purple van will always be in my heart. I loved that car, even when the air conditioner ceased and desisted all duties, even when I busted my own lip trying to change a tire. (Yes, I made myself bleed… I punched myself in my own face trying to change a tire.) I loved that car so much.

I wish I had a picture of it but this was before smartphones with cameras on them.

5 thoughts on “The Purple Van That Went Everywhere | Daily Prompt

  1. Miss this van!!! So many memories! You cuttin’ your hair bald headed, me hiding from a predator, me hanging out an open door, us driving to San Antonio but only making it as for as the Love’s because Leeanne had to go home. All the times we have busted out screaming/singing/crying. Love it.


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  4. A purple van!!! I like you even more know 😀 This is like my dream car. I’m not into shiny, expensive cars that say “I’m a rich wanker, look at my penis extension or ??? (whatever the female equivalent is to that)”. And funnily somehow this is exactly how I imagine America – teenagers driving vans with mattresses inside and chairs on the roof lol


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