Everything Makes Me Cry | Daily Prompt

Moved to Tears

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!


It’s actually surprising that it is 9 am and I have not shed a tear yet. If something moves me to tears, I don’t mind the emotion and will cry about it. I’m an highly-sensitive person (or HSP, sorry if you’re tired of hearing about it.)

However, I do have a bad memory so it’s taking a moment for me to remember when was the last time art moved me. So, until I remember I’ll be telling you about the last time I cried. My best friend Evie, has a diet of cheese, tortillas and wine. Seriously, she won’t even throw some spinach or chicken in her ghetto quesadilla. She told me she had a stuffed avocado for lunch on Tuesday, I was literally so proud of her, I shed real tears in public. Who cares who’s watching? I have this very rational fear that my dearest friend will perish from malnutrition like she lives in a third world country, so I was moved to tears that she had vegetables.

The last time art moved me tears? There’s this song by Beyonce and Frank Ocean called Superpower. I don’t know if it’s the song or the  music video concept or the combination of both but it moves me to tears every time I watch it. It’s a song about love but the video is so emotionally charged with angry anarchists. It’s the best combination ever.



Look at Beyonce and Kelly giving FACE! Yes!! Isn’t it sad how no one really cares about Michelle?


I lose it whenever I watch this video… it strikes a chord within me. I will go cry about it now.

5 thoughts on “Everything Makes Me Cry | Daily Prompt

  1. The ghetto quesadilla sounds awesome I’d love to try that. You’d probably shed a lot of tears about me, too, because my diet consists of meat, cheese, wine and chocolate! My boyfriend is trying hard to improve my nutrition and adds vegetables to pasta sauces but purées the shit out of them before so I don’t accidentally bite on a piece of onion lol. I’m fine with salads though but they’re more of a summer food and it’s already autumn here. I cry easily, too, so completely get that a video touches you that much! I just cried this morning because of a bad recruiter 😦 The bf doesn’t get it, he just treats them back like shit, but I take it personally and could never do that!

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    • AH! You have to eat some fruits and vegetables, Mel!!

      I love that your boyfriend has found a way to feed them to you. It’s so funny that I have to “hide” the veggies in the meals I cook too. If it’s not broccoli, corn or green beans… Ken looks at it strangely. I can’t get too crazy and throw in some zucchini or squash lol. He would just not eat at all

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      • Lol so funny, you should swap techniques with my bf! I just started eating broccoli in form of a cheesy pasta sauce with pureed broccoli in it, that wasn’t too bad. For some reason I love squash so that’s ok. But don’t get me started with zucchini, leeks or cauliflower… the latter smells like a fart – who would eat that? lol apparently it tastes better than it smells.. But yeah my nutrition is bad and I’ll be in my thirties soon so you’re right I need to start being more healthy.

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