Scandal Cast Change | Daily Prompt

Cast Change

You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role?


Someone at The Daily Post is trying to get on my good side… I will take any opportunity to talk about my favorite shows. I have a few of them: The Walking Dead, Scandal, and Criminal Minds. (Plus some guilty pleasures that I will never admit openly that I love.) Walking Dead has too many characters I would be here all day, killing people off, Criminal Minds is too complicated. So, Scandal it is…

Olivia Pope would be my friend Evie. Classy, smart, and throwing her into a love triangle would be great for me to see.

President Fitzgerald Grant III could easily be my Uncle James (he’s my uncle but he’s younger than me, don’t ask about the family dynamic, it will just confuse you.) He easily has that strong, smart, military man thing going on. He is probably secretly passionate with the right woman.

Millie would be my friend Tara. I feel like she could keep secrets and be conniving and vindictive if she needs to be, but when the right man comes along (the Vice President), she turns into a little kitten.

Jake, who I think Olivia should be with, is going to be Andy… for reasons I cannot explain. Let’s just say the shoe fits and I need for these things to work out in the show and in reality for love’s sake.

Quinn and Huck – Ken and I, I don’t think anyone knows how fitting the roles of Quinn and Huck fits our personalities. She a good girl turned… just turned… complete 180. He’s a man with emotions that no one would ever understand and he would never tell them just cover them up with killing a lot of people. I seriously sometimes think my boyfriend would rather fight a 7 foot alligator before he talked about feelings. That’s when you have to learn how to read them.

Anyone else is not important…

Oh, my grandfather would make a good Command (Olivia’s Dad). He has that presence.

I love this prompt! Exactly three weeks until I will be starting my Scandal recaps. This show is that important to me, you will hear about it. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of this show is my drama writing hero!




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4 thoughts on “Scandal Cast Change | Daily Prompt

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  2. Y’all as Quinn and Huck! I love it and I so agree! And now that just reminds me how last season on Netflix ended ahh! Do you think they will be together somehow and someway?? (if you already know, shh Idk if I am behind or not). I AM OLIVIA POPE?!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Now if I could get her wardrobe and Jake, the Andy version or the real one honey! Yay now I will fantasize about this all day 🙂

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