Juicy Gossip Porterhouse Steak

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I feel you Fry, until I was trusted with a secret that was too juicy not to share with my best friend and too bad not to share with the person that needed to know it… boy did that get me in trouble.


For various reasons it drains my energy when I hang out with people. That’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just the way I am. Lately, I’m not even seeing the benefits of being social anymore. If I’m hanging out with new people, I can’t comfortably be myself because I have some real awkward tendencies. And last night, my inability to hold a juicy secret just between my boyfriend and I consequently blew up into an altercation with him and a friend. I don’t like ruining friendships. (Actually, I think the friendship is just fine.. men are really simple.) I don’t like having my boyfriend be mad at me either. Especially, because I disclosed the juicy porterhouse steak of gossip to two friends in confidence, feeling comfortable that it wouldn’t get back to bite me in the ass. That steak morphed into an angry, glaring 6 foot 3 black guy with a bruised hand and a death stare that awakened me from my beauty sleep.

I survived though, a few I’m sorrys and some kisses did the trick but I’m mad at myself…

I know people can’t be trusted. Especially, those people who have to convince you that they won’t say anything. I know this already… adulthood still has the stench of high school in it.

Who do you tell your juicy gossip to? How do you know you can really trust that person?


Yeaaah… Riiiiight… LoL.

Your friend,


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