My Dear Evie | Weekly Writing Challenge

My Dear Watson,

Life just isn’t the same without your trusty sidekick. For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your partner in crime.

I don’t call any of my friends sidekicks or my partners in crime… but if I have to discuss a crime recently committed and the other half of the duo during this crime, it would be my best friend Evie. She’s more like my sister because I think if she wasn’t, I would’ve have left her during this crime to fend for herself.

What was the crime?

We murdered our dignity in a wine bar. Actually, my dignity is already dead, so I kind of just sat there gulping down the evidence in hopes that the evil wine devil that was trying to murder my dear friend’s dignity would try to murder mine again instead. Double Jeopardy. It didn’t work.

Evie is the most beautiful, intelligent, passionate person I know… besides myself. Just kidding. I’m not trying to say my Watson is better than your Watson but that’s exactly what you should get from this. She’s actually Watson and Sherlock Holmes in one sexy, little body. I’m actually just Watson’s monocle because my observation skills are rather sharp. I notice everyone and everything.

Evie is the only person I like right now… and also my boyfriend, he’s not doing too bad, he got me spicy chicken nuggets today. We have our old lady tendencies but still like to go out and have a good time, but not out for ratchet good times. Classy good times. We just have to learn how to control ourselves when there are numerous shelves in the room filled with wine, specifically wine bars.

My life would be rather dull without my Evie… you would probably find me dead on my couch while Netflix is asking me if I’m still watching.

5 thoughts on “My Dear Evie | Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Your Evie sounds fabulous. Where can I get myself one?? My boyfriend would never bring me chicken nuggets, he sadly doesn’t believe in fast food. But he does bring me lots of wine so I can just about cope 😉


    • 🙂 I love them both so much… I am so lucky to be loved by them. Sigh, I sit back and just let it hit me that I love them and they love me back just as much.

      I don’t trust my boyfriend to pick a good wine, I’d rather Evie do that lol… he knows chicken nuggets though and that I like them from Wendy’s lol.


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