HSP Thoughts While I Binge On Chocolate…


If there is something I don’t like about myself, it is that sometimes I take everything personally. It leaves me quite literally hating everyone on the face of the Earth… my head hurts, my chest and my stomach burns and I want to cry. Even though the rejected feelings I have are probably imagined and are my own doing, I can’t help but be angry.

Then, I remember that I’m one of those highly sensitive people. (I’ve passed up a great job because of #16, interesting.) I fear my life will be a never ending emotional rollercoaster. Here’s another article on how the hell I feel. 23 Signs That You’re An HSP

I try my hardest not to take these feelings out on people because: 1. I know they will pass. 2. No one deserves my lashing out. 3. A good meal and a drink usually cures me until I’m moody again.

Honestly, people are inconsiderate assholes. The things people do to me, I would never do to them but these people don’t even think passed their own nipples so what can you do……….. I am also tired of being the brain in every operation.

Can I please go on a vacation? Right now, I prefer my own island with an endless supply of fajitas and strawberry margaritas. Thanks.

For now, I will go eat chocolate, read this article, and pretend that everyone is dead to me.



5 thoughts on “HSP Thoughts While I Binge On Chocolate…

  1. Oh, I want that island, too, please. Thank you so much for this post, it makes much more sense now knowing that I am an HSP. It explains a lot. I can tick about 90% of those habits, but what really stands out is #11. I’m so overly sensitive to noise it’s ridiculous. My boyfriend is very understanding though, thank god, and he’s quiet when I need him to be. #16 oh yes. I’m tending towards self employed even more now. I love a good conversation and I am an extrovert but sometimes I think that I developed into one to fit into this world better. Deep inside I often hate dealing with people lol. Back to my glass of wine now, that usually helps. Mel x


    • I just found this out some time this year and it’s seriously changed my life and honestly made me more comfortable with myself. Knowing nothing is wrong with me, was and still is the best gift.

      I’ve had my boyfriend read some things on how to deal with an HSP partner and it’s helped so much. We communicate so much better… as long as he takes out the trash lol.

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      • You’re right it’s so important to know that there’s nothing wrong with yourself. I am usually suspicious of people telling that they are depressed or have some form of disorder. We are quick of labelling other people or ourselves because it’s quicker to find an illness and get treated with medication, therapy etc. rather than just dealing with your emotions. We are humans so we all experience sadness, loneliness, fear, etc. at some stage in our life. This HSP article is great because it shows there are humans that are born more sensitive than others but that doesn’t give them a disorder. Btw there’s a worrying trend in Germany to diagnose children with ADHD. Nearly a third of all kids now have this disorder! I think it’s a big fat lie to prescribe expensive medication. And obviously an easy way out for parents to not having to deal with very active children. Thinking back of my childhood, I was probably a bit hyperactive, too, but kids are supposed to run around, scream, play.. I’m worried where this will lead in the future. I just wish we could embrace that everyone is different on this planet!


      • I completely agree, the same trend is going on in the US. ALL of these children cannot be hyperactive, seriously and it’s so disappointing thinking about how all of these children don’t have the outlet for their energy and their creativity. We’re stifling their growth and it’s sad.

        If I would’ve given in and just taken a doctor’s word for it, I would be on medications and going through therapy on how to change. There’s nothing wrong with me, I do not need to be in a emotionless haze…

        Ah, Mel, I could talk to you all day lol.

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      • I could talk to you all day, too! So glad I stumbled onto your amazing blog. Thank god you were strong enough to persevere, especially considering what you’ve been through growing up . It would have been all too easy to just give in and get anti depressants or whatever. Didn’t know it was a problem in the US, too!


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