My Name is Precious! Not That Precious… | Daily Prompt

This is Gabourey Sidibe, the actress who played Precious in the film Precious:


This is me! My name is Precious… that name is on my birth certificate, my driver’s license, my social security card and if I’m assuming correctly, I had that name first. (Having that name first has nothing to with what I’m about to say… just thought you should know.) (Oh, sorry about the semi-duck lip… it was a phase.)



Both equally beautiful and both talented in their own ways… we’re both funny though, but we look NOTHING alike! I had nothing to do with this movie ladies and gentlemen. I’m sorry to break it to you.

Honestly, I don’t even know whether to call the things people have said to me back handed compliments or just rude ass statements. They’re not even geared towards me, they’re more geared towards her, but it STILL makes me mad.

Picture it. Houston. Sprint Call Center. 2009.

Non-Actress Precious: “Good Afternoon, thank you for calling Sprint. My name is Precious, may I have your phone number please?”

Caller: *gasp* Your name is Precious?! That was such a sad movie, I cried and cried! You don’t… you don’t… look anything like her do you? That would be horrible. *some disgusted noise, sound like she was a sneezing poodle*

Non-Actress Precious: No ma’am, I do not look like the beautiful and talented Gabourey Sidibe. May I have your phone number please?

Caller: Oh that’s good!!!…

Ummmmmm…. was she going to hang up so she could talk to someone she thought was better looking? What a jerk!

Picture it again. Houston. Metro Bus Stop. 2012.

I was getting off of work and walking from Target to the bus stop. It was hot as hell and I had on some horrible weave so it was even hotter. I sit down and this guy breathes in my face, “You were good in that movie.” I look down at the name tag I forgot to take off, look back up and say thank you with a tired, fake smile. “I could get you a bucket of chicken for dinner,” he smiled, obviously making fun of me. I was still sexy that summer so he wasn’t calling me fat… he was alluding to the scene where Precious steals a whole bucket of chicken. Was this some sort of way to get me to like him, his sense of humor sucks. “You don’t have enough money for the type of dinner I want.” I squinted my eyes and turned up and gave my best bitch face. I needed to sound really stuck up so he would leave me alone and it worked. He called me a bitch and walked off. I scared him so bad that he waited for the next bus. I hate rude people, even though I might be one of them. It was hot though… and I had a bad weave on my head, so it was like menopause in my body.

Stuff like this doesn’t happen too often anymore, even though I still get this……………………………


My Precious.



LoL. Your friend,



6 thoughts on “My Name is Precious! Not That Precious… | Daily Prompt

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  3. Lol how could I miss this post?? That’s so funny I love your witty responses. And shockingly I don’t even know that film. Actually, when I first saw your name I had to think of a super funny BBC show called Come Fly With Me… An airport worker called Precious runs the coffee stall and she always finds a reason to close early 😀

    Check it out on Youtube:

    But saying that, you’re in no way comparable to her apart from being super funny – you’re pretty and smart! 🙂


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