My Plucking and Shaving Music | Daily Prompt

I taste you in infinite colors – Miguel, Kaleidoscope Dream

Sorry that’s so sexual but the song is amazing and one of my favorites from the artist known as Miguel. R&B is my favorite genre, I love the oldies especially but every now and then an artist comes along and intrigues me with their lyrics and soothing vocals. Miguel is one of these artists. The whole album is great.


At first, I didn’t think I would be able to respond to this prompt because I haven’t listened to music all day due to a horrible wine headache. My best friend, Evie, and I went to a wine bar last night and… let’s just say we had fun. Three bottles of fun.

Then I remembered, I turned on some music to entertain myself while in the bathroom doing hair and makeup and doing all those necessary things I hate doing before leaving the house… like plucking, shaving, and putting on pants. If I could just never do those things… that would be great.



Evie yelled at me for not shaving my legs in so long. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did it before last night… let me EXPLAIN though! If you never actually touch my legs, you would never know I don’t shave that often… and the only person that’s touching my legs is Ken. I’m assuming that because his hands are so rough, he never realizes how hairy my legs are. To me, that is a sign, the Universe sent me a man that can’t even tell my legs are hairy and doesn’t even care!! It’s meant to be and thank you Universe!!


Sweet Brown, I apparently never have time for dat.

Anyway, I’m getting off track, that was the last song I listened to… I don’t know what else I”m suppose to say on the matter.


Your friend,


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