Precious In The Wind | Daily Prompt

Work? Optional!

If money is out of the equation, I’m assuming I have unlimited funds and can do whatever I please. So, this will happen in two phases.

Phase One:

I will travel the world, spreading love and kindness and I will write about my travels… just thinking about it makes me happy, I’m ready to board a plane right now! 


Phase Two:

I will settle on an island, grow some food and build a solar powered hut for me and my honey to sleep in when we’re tired of sleeping under the stars. I will write an how-to and send it through an old wine bottle for someone to find and publish… 

Are these islands still for sale?


That was an easy decision. 

4 thoughts on “Precious In The Wind | Daily Prompt

  1. Hey you are back! 😀 I was wondering what happened because I didn’t see any of your posts! This is so funny, your daily prompt is exactly like what my boyfriend and I would do. Travel and then live (self sufficiently) on an island! We’ve even looked at islands before but they are all super expensive or in a not so desirable location like Ontario (we want tropical!). Have you heard back from your job interview btw? Mel x


    • Aw, so lovely to know I was missed! 🙂

      I know! I looked some up, and you need quite a few million dollars to get a good island these days! LoL. I really didn’t think it would be that much.

      I had sort of a health scare last week, so I withdrew my candidacy from that particular position because it would just be too much right now. 😦 Which was also the reason why I’ve been m.i.a… I’ve been getting better! But I’m okay now, just taking it easy.

      I adore you so much! Thank you for checking on me.


      • Big apologies for the late reply, those last few days have been super stressful for me. I’m so sorry to hear about your health scare! 😦 I hope you’re better now and that your boyfriend is taking good care of you. Health is more important than a job so you definitely made the right decision. I once almost ruined my health because I wanted a career… it’s just not worth it! 🙂


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