Ghetto Sangria | Daily Prompt

My Precious Signature Drink

If you know me or have read any of my blog posts, you can probably tell I love my wine. I don’t make wine though, so is it still my signature drink? Actually, sometimes I add a drop of grape juice and some Sprite if the wine is really cheap and dry… I call it a ghetto wine spritzer or ghetto sangria. It’s really tasty and I am not ashamed. When you only have a few dollars for a bottle of wine, let’s see what you come up with to make it bearable. I welcome tips.

The Evidence: 

My birthday was two weeks ago, I received this funny card from my friend Tara and the hilarious two bottles of Wine for Dummies from my friend Evie. Oh and a “voucher” for a girl’s night at Vintropolis. Boom. They know me so well… and if you can’t read the envelope, it says:

To the most awesome wino on the whole Earth.


Thank you, thank you very much. That is me and I definitely need that wine glass. I get tired of going to the kitchen every seven minutes.


p style=”text-align:left;”>Precious

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