My 25th Birthday!!


Today, I am 25 years old. Even though I am not where I want to be in life… I am happy, I am loved, and I have found my passion, writing.  I love my life and I love the people that are in it.


All I really ask for is:

  • To continue my journey in becoming a more positive Precious.
  • To continue writing and getting better, while building an audience and getting my writing out into the world.
  • To build strong connections and memories with the people I love.
  • The dedication to get healthier.
  • To get some help with my anxiety.



Writing and being creative is my Call of Duty, it is traveling the world, it is my favorite show.  Now that I have found my passion in life, I realize I’m putting in the time to research and get tips and put my all into every story I write, I am so in love with it and I’ve never felt this way about anything.

I found this image below to give me some solace in beginning my journey to becoming a successful writer. 





This last year, I have lost some relationships that I once thought were important. So important that I was willing to sacrifice my well being to maintain them. I don’t need anyone making me feel inadequate and people who can’t accept me for who I am don’t have a place in my life. Period. I learned to consider myself when making a decision and to make myself happy in everything that I do because it is okay to put myself first.




I’d like to give a special thank you to the people that have stood by me and built me up when I was low. My wonderful friends and my patient boyfriend. It takes a lot to put up with me because I’m so all over the place. I really appreciate being loved despite who I am, what mood I’m in, or how I snap at people because I have a slight temper. I want to squeeze all of you and give you brand new cars! (except Evie, we would have to work something out.) I appreciate everyone who’s ever offered me an encouraging word, helped with what they could, or just prayed for me on their own time. You are why I can be so positive today. Special, special thank you to my boyfriend who wipes every tear, gives me tough love when I need it, shows me patience and kindness when I need it most and listens to me scream even when he doesn’t understand. I love you so deeply.


A few months ago, I found this article about the most painful things you have to go through in order to grow. The very last one has always stayed with me:

“Looking back on decisions you’ve made over the years and feeling like there were clear forks in the road where you took the wrong direction, but which you can never really loop back around to find again. Living with the person you have decided to become, even if that means having to start from square one at 25 years old. Even if that means you are going to be a little bit behind for a long time. Even if none of us really know what it means to be ‘behind.'” (You can read the full article here.)

It still rings true today. I choose to accept myself and love myself despite every mistake and every wrong turn I’ve made. Yes, sometimes I wish I could go back but I wouldn’t be the person I am now, if any experience, situation or outcome were to change. I love who I am. Every clumsy, kinky haired, silly, beautiful, old lady, anxiety ridden part of me.



Lmao. Haha I love it.


Can’t wait for food and drinks!!!! I will probably be drunk posting later!

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6 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 25 is a fabulous age and it only gets better I promise you! 😀

    I think the beauty of getting older is that you cannot be bothered to waste your time any more on stupid or rude people, people that treat you bad or don’t reciprocate.

    I love the image of the journey to the successful writer it reminds me a bit of the Holstee Manifesto

    Hope you’re having a great day with family, boyfriend and friends! 🙂

    Mel x


    • I had the most amazing birthday, it was everything I wanted and more… thank you so much for the link to the Holstee Manifesto. I LOVE IT!!

      I feel like you’re my friend and I love your positive energy… I appreciate you so much Mel, from across the ocean.

      Precious 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I’m so glad to hear you had a great day! Birthdays are so important, I don’t get it when people keep it to themselves. I always make a huge fuss out of them, my own one as well as my friends’ 😀

        The Manifesto was first shown to me by a friend and he told me how it changed his life. He lives only by these rules and has not looked back since. It’s so simple but we often forget the simplest things.

        Aww, you’re making me blush with your last sentence. It’s so weird but somehow I also feel so connected with some people from the WordPress community. But if you think about what you’re sharing on this blog most people in your “real” life don’t know it’s not that unusual.

        Mel xx


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