Humanity Needs a Prayer

My boyfriend walking into the living room where I was about to write and showed me this. This video upset me so much… in the middle of a heated conversation about it, I burst into tears. That heated conversation was with my boyfriend and our differences of opinion on what’s going on here and what’s the right reaction in handling it. 


I am not naive and I see things very clearly and try to always analyze both sides of a problem. This is definitely a problem. So much so that a simple status on Facebook or tweet couldn’t hold how much I have to say.

The “Pranksters” –

How is this even comedy? There is nothing funny about this… comedy takes skill, wit and cleverness. This is going into a community and saying hurtful, racist things and trying to capture the best reaction on camera. Unfortunately, these reactions are very, very angry. I’m finding it hard to even have sympathy for the black eyes, busted lips and near death experience in which these “pranksters” barely escaped. 

There are so many people consumed with being the next big sensation on the Internet, so focused on how many likes, shares and comments they can get on doing the dumbest thing they can think of. They go into one of these neighborhoods, clearly out of place, that immediately sets people like that on high alert because that person is an outsider.

These young men could have died. If they continue doing this, they WILL die. There was a knife pulled, there was a gun pulled and they were beaten up multiple times… they won’t survive too much longer. How is being blatantly racist, or passing gas in someone’s face and making people angry, FUNNY? One day, they will run into the angry black that will shoot first and not care about him yelling, “It was just a prank.”


The Black Men So Quick with Anger and Violence – 

This is what made me break down in tears, the aforementioned “pranksters” just made me angry. Seeing these reactions broke my heart. Again, I want to say, I am not naive. I know people grew up very differently than I did, have different personalities than I do and are in tougher living situations than I, so therefore, my reaction would not be theirs and vice versa. 

But seriously, guns and knives because someone said something you didn’t like? That is the first reaction? It is sad, that these men are taught to punch first and be done with the problem. Obviously, if someone is coming up to you and saying “black jokes” or wanting to sell you a gun… this is a set up. It’s a set up for your reaction, it’s a set up to get you in trouble. So, walk away… I wish someone would have taught them to think before they react. 

As I’m trying to express my feelings about this in a conversation with my boyfriend, he is agreeing with the reactions of his fellow peers. It breaks my heart, that in a situation such as that, he would probably react in a violent manner first when actually any other time he is the calmest, most gentle man. But no one taught him how he should react when he is being disrespected, rather no one showed him. He views a thoughtful, calm, “backing down” reaction as weak and that doesn’t truly handle the problem. In my mind it does, we shouldn’t give control of ourselves to a stranger. 

Yet, I completely understand their reactions, when that is how you’re taught to handle these types of situations; you’re ignorant to any other option you have.

Your friend,

P.S. I would actually really love to hear some comments on this… if you made it to the end and can read this lol. Maybe some different perspectives, agreeance or disagreeance. I welcome it all.

4 thoughts on “Humanity Needs a Prayer

  1. I couldn’t watch the video until the end, it’s so sick. Both parties. The racism that’s supposed to be funny but isn’t, the violent reactions. Sadly as long as there are people watching and enjoying these videos there will be someone producing them. If some idiot kid like that would bother me I might swear, like tell him to eff off. However the best treatment for these people is still ignorance!


  2. Well it’s hard for me, because these “pranksters” are really just ingrown pubic hairs on the diseased genitals of society.
    But here we go: This isn’t a black thing. Throughout histories and cultures honor and respect have always been so important in social interactions. Look at the Bushido in Japan, and chivalry in the medieval period. We, as humans, have always reacted violently to threats to our honor, dignity, image, property, respectability. So the title “Humanity Needs a Prayer” is so appropriate. However, these morons who put themselves in the line of fire are really the ignorant characters in this video, because they obviously went after a certain demographic when I do believe that any person (especially male due to hormones, societal standards etc.) would have reacted similarly. History tells us as much. It is so easy for us to believe that we would walk away, and maybe we would, but get biology and precedent involved, and that adrenaline pumping, who knows? Yes that is only half of the equation, environmental circumstances play the other half of the equation.And I would also like to note the art of editing and exclusion. The fucktards that made this video chose what they put out there, yes we see so many violent reactions, but how many people excluded from this video reacted how you and I said we would?


  3. P.S. Whoops I said “how you and I said we would” [react]. But I really would not react very calmly to tell the truth, Seriously, I may have to be the fool that has to have this conversation:
    Fellow inmate: “Whatchu in for?”
    Me: “Murder.”
    Fellow inmate: “What did the poor sap do?”
    Me: “He farted on my face.”


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