Writer’s Brain Muddled with Debris | Daily Prompt

 This one’s writer’s block made her pass out in the middle of a field.

Maybe she was writing love letters to Edward Cullen and fell asleep…

therefore, it’s not serious.


I’ve been a “writer” for sixteen days. Yes, I counted. I guess, it’s not a very good thing that I’ve already experienced what could be considered writer’s block. It wasn’t really full blockage… more like “writer’s brain muddled with debris.” I will explain:

I was writing the love scene to a short story. The words were very difficult to get out… I couldn’t get them out for two days! Surely, I know how to have sex and I think I’m sexy when I’m not being a dork, but to write it was making feel weird.

So, what I did was, researched how other authors in different genres describe sex, even the wretched author of the 50 Shades Trilogy. I found some very interesting things to say the least. Then, I got hammered on sangria and wrote the tiniest love scene in history because that’s all I could muster up. I hope I get better.

The cure to writer’s block: research and wine. Get those juices flowing!

Your friend,


Maybe if you stop making that face you could think girlfriend!

Writers-Block (1)

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Brain Muddled with Debris | Daily Prompt

  1. Alcohol always helps, not just with writing but also speaking. When I left Germany to work in England in those first few months I could barely construct a proper sentence at work. On a drunken night out though I felt like I was fluent in English! 🙂

    I just read your short story and when I had finished part one I was already hooked!! I liked Marissa instantly, her witty answers and appreciation of wine 😉 the love scene was short and sexy – well done! I wish I could write exciting fiction like that. X


    • Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that! Part 2 is already up.

      I think it’s so funny that on a night out you felt fluent in English. That’s the same for dancing lol. I am the greatest dancer after a few drinks!


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