The Well in the Garden… |Prompt #58

There was a legend about the well in the garden that no one really believed. Yet everyday, there were dozens of letters floating in the well. It was said that you could write letters to people you had lost and somehow those same people would receive your loving thoughts. Everyday letters were dropped into this well with the hopes of having some closure. No one knew that every night Old Man Brinkley would take the letters and hang them to dry. As he read each one, each sadder than the last, he prayed for these people and their heartbreak, he prayed for the souls of the people lost. He wept every night for men he would never know.





“Missing” WWI soldiers still being found 100 years later…

It is usually the victors who have the opportunity to put up memorials to honour their military dead. There may be many military dead, known or missing, from some nations who will never have their memory carved in stone or etched in bronze.



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