The Little Chat That Will Give Me Anxiety Until Thursday…

So I’m just minding my own [unemployed] business when I get a phone call.

This nice lady says she found my resume on and wants to “chat” with me for a moment. Agh! This is about a job!! Sure lady! I would’ve liked if you had emailed first to see if I was available. So I could do some research on the company and maybe PRETEND I’m not sitting on the couch with no pants on, eating cake instead of a nutritional lunch?? Maybe giving me the courteous heads up so I can shake out some of those nerves and put on a good show because I actually would like to put pants on again (one day) and start receiving compensation to supply my needs and habits. (I.e. wine.)

So, of course, let’s chat even though I’m not a normal person with normal reactions and this is making me not breathe.

Why do these things always make me nervous, even when they’re just over the phone. Work history, why did I leave my last job, what programs are you familiar with… Can’t you just tell from my voice and my resume that I’m amazing and would be a great — wait, what is this even for? What company is this? Are you a recruiter??

I don’t get to ask any of my questions because Ms. Nice Lady puts me on hold… and when she comes back, she has to call me back later. Ugh!

Nooooooo! I need to get this over with now, please! I can’t have this on my conscience all afternoon. Plus, I have a million questions!

So, she hangs up and I jump online and reverse look up the phone number. I get this amazing website of an architectural firm. Okay, she’s not a recruiter. I look at the staff… kind of threw me off that I saw no people of color but okay. Then, all this anxiety hits me… I don’t want to go through another interview, only to not hear from the company again! I hate that!


As I was writing this Lana called back. I was more prepared so I had an awesome phone interview. She sounded like she really loved my answers and thought I would be a good fit. I have an interview on Thursday.

Maybe I will get hired at this beautiful firm and finally be able to afford to keep wine in the fridge because of affirmative action. We shall see…

Ah! I just got the email with the info!

5 thoughts on “The Little Chat That Will Give Me Anxiety Until Thursday…

  1. Good luck!! I’m job hunting at the moment, too, and know how it feels. I can’t remember how many of these recruiter phone calls I have answered whilst being sleepy/drunk/naked – too many for sure. Monster is my site of choice even though the recruiters searching on there are becoming dumber and lazier!


    • Thank you! Isn’t job hunting such a pain?! I have been there lol… hungover, still in bed! I especially hate those phone calls from insurance salesman needing their little worker bees. “You have the potential to earn 105,000 in your first year!” Yeah… after I cold call 2 million people.


      • Oh I hate them, too. Especially because I used to work in insurance and absolutely hated cold calling people! There’s so many sales jobs out there with €130k earning potential a year, but I think this is all bollocks.. If it were that easy everyone do it and earn more than 10k a month!


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