Thoughts of the Day

In no particular order:

I love dairy products… I love my cheese, ice cream, yogurt and I love milk when I have baked goods. So WHY do I have to be lactose intolerant? It isn’t fair that my insides have to die in order to enjoy milk and cookies.


You’ve obviously never had red velvet cake ice cream Wiz Khalifa!

I’m unbelievably happy and undisturbingly content with being on my laptop all day, engulfed in what my characters are doing. Someone died today and it was tragic. I loved writing it.


Oh honey, I spend hours and hours doing that… what am I going to do when I start working again??

Having people believe in me and speak success into my life… is the greatest gift.


I’m not the routine type of person… but I find when I have one, I can focus better. So, I’m going to work on that… and also force myself to be more like this beautiful little lady:


Your friend,


Read this before Part 2 is released!

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