I Don’t Like This One Either | Daily Prompt

You know…

When I started blogging regularly two weeks ago and shortly thereafter discovered The Daily Post and its Daily Prompt, it was exciting. Prompts were thought-provoking and I enjoyed writing them.

For the last several days, I have not been impressed. I am actually DEpressed that I woke up early again in hopes of being at the top of the page for a prompt that I can’t answer seriously.

My eyes are burning as I type this into the WordPress App on my sketchy phone that has a mind of it’s own. Yes, I’m still in the bed. Does anyone else sleep naked? My boyfriend thinks I should have clothes on in case there’s a fire or a burglar. Yet, I have noticed every now and then… he forgets his sleeping drawers and crosses over to the dark side. I’m hoping one night there’s a noise in the dark and he will have an epic battle, weilding the sword he keeps behind the door and is victorious in all his naked glory. I will blog about it and at the bottom write a disclaimer: No twig and berries were harmed in this battle. Okay sorry… writer brain went on a tangent.

Maybe I should scroll back and answer an old prompt when you guys disappoint me. Yes… yes… that’s what I’ll do. There has to be hundreds. How long has this Daily Prompt thing been going on? Is it that y’all are running out of ideas? I just joined the team, that’s sad.

I’ll find one… maybe later after more sleep… I think my right eye is about to fall out.

Your friend,

P.S. Here’s Gordon Ramsey expressing my emotions and overall mood this morning. Thanks guys.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like This One Either | Daily Prompt

  1. I was also completely uninspired by that daily prompt. Yours has got to be the funniest response to it though! In regards to sleeping naked: We’ve had about 4 fire alarms in the last 6 months (some idiot always presses that button) and I have learned since that the best thing is to have a maxi dress next to my bed which I can put on in 5 seconds 🙂


  2. well damn. The Daily Post used to be Plinky Prompts and I miss it. I had fun with Plinky but writing on an actual blog is different somehow and more like a chore . My mind goes blank. Anyway I liked your post.


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