The 8th Deadly Sin | Daily Prompt

If I got to choose the 8th Deadly Sin it would be idiotic Facebook posting.

You would just drop dead if you posted something stupid on Facebook. I have some examples:

“I think the mapmakers among our ancestors put Kansas City in Missouri as a cruel joke. You would expect it to be in Kansas.”

Did this person look at a map for the first time in his life?! So, he was sleeping during Geography in grade school and can now only get a job as Captain Obvious.

“Ooooooooo what a day!!! I would say I need a drink but don’t want ppl thinking I’m an alcoholic lol ugh”

Uhm? So needing a drink on a bad day automatically means you’re an alcoholic? So WHAT? You’re a grown ass woman… hit that bottle after a bad day and make no excuses!

I also want to include people who post about every single move they make… we don’t need to know your life from the moment of your first sip of coffee to when you’re taking a shower and going to bed. Save it for someone who cares!

Some of these people deserve to have their hands sewn together so they can’t do this anymore… so they’ll be forced to seek attention elsewhere.


I wish I could do away with all of my social media accounts but I’m so nosey and those accounts will be great tools when I become a successful author and need to stay in touch with my fans. 🙂

Your friend,


4 thoughts on “The 8th Deadly Sin | Daily Prompt

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