Did She Just Get On Her Knees?

What is so wrong with a woman proposing to a man?

Yes, I definitely think there’s more risk in being rejected because the man could say no just out of the ego-driven, testosterone lunacy some of them seem to be suffering from.

No, I don’t think anything is wrong with a woman asking her man to marry her. No, it’s NOT embarrassing. It’s actually brave and romantic. Women want to so independent in other areas of their lives but when it comes to proposals… “Oh No! That’s a man’s job!”

Where is that rule at?


If it’s not for you then OKAY! No one is holding a gun to your head and making you propose to that loser you have. Or that loser you DON’T have. Or that guy you’ve been waiting on for five years.

What if he never gets it? Even though you’ve been posting on Facebook for the last two years every engagement ring you find beautiful. What if your man is so content with the way things are and you’ve never brought up marriage (because that’s his job remember?) so you two go through this cohabiting tango for ever and ever??

I find it disgusting that women tear each other down like that…

Life is short… and it should be applauded that these women have such big cajones.

Start clapping………..

One thought on “Did She Just Get On Her Knees?

  1. Totally agree! This is the 21st Century, we’ve had First, Second, and we are navigating through the Third wave of Feminism. We, women have been fighting for equality throughout the century, well folks now it’s time to lap it up. Yes, a part of that empowerment means you can choose if you want to conform to a certain standard or role in your relationships. However, what “holier than thou” sense of superiority does one have to look down upon another for going after what she wants? Why should that be shamed? If he says no, then he is not right for that 21st century woman and she has her answer and can move on. Conversely, another woman may wait…..and wait…….and…..wait…..for something that may not come. That may be a lot of time wasted for someone who just wasn’t on the same page from the jump. Anyone may become bitter because that. Of course that may be your choice, but is it really so crazy to cut through the bullshit? Thanks PJ for your insight and topic. I’m with all the way on this one.


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