Does Obamacare Cover This Buffoonery??

Fire Challenge Gone Wrong:

There are many of these videos on YouTube if there hasn’t been one floating across your newsfeed on Facebook. But THIS one took the cake!

Did these people not pay attention in Science class so they feel the need to go home and “experiment” or is the Human Torch their favorite comic book character?

There aren’t three whole brain cells working between all the people in that room? That’s all it would take to realize that this is NOT a good idea!!

I really hope that’s not his MOTHER holding the camera.

How can so many people be so damn ignorant? This isn’t the only video… this is spreading like wildfire (stupid pun intended).

Has the desire to get five seconds of fame seriously regressed us as a society this much? To where people will LITERALLY SET THEMSELVES ON FIRE to get attention.

I’ve only seen my black people do this…. please tell me it isn’t so!!

Can we redirect our youth please??

Stay in school.
Don’t do drugs.
Find a role model who isn’t rapping or selling drugs.
And I prefer you little stupid mongrels to stay off the internet until you learn how to act!!

Stop the foolishness,

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