Homewrecking Bromances?

For years, I’ve watched my boyfriend’s best friend jump from home to home, including ours. Repeatedly. We will call him D.M. because maybe D.M will get the Direct Message that he’s ruining people’s lives and relationships. Well, maybe not completely ruin but he’s definitely not making anything better by being a burden and an inconvenient wart on the face of everyone’s lives.


D.M.’s daily life consists of: waking up (in someone else’s home), listening to music, talking to his mother on other people’s phones until his brother sent him his own, smoking (someone else’s) weed and pouring himself an alcoholic beverage (from someone else’s fridge). That’s it. He hasn’t worked since 2012 when he had a short stint as a drug dealer. This fool’s life is a mess.

So WHY does my boyfriend love this guy so much? I really want to know. It’s not just MINE either. My friend’s (ex)boyfriend Gorilla Chest and his entire circle of nerdtards seem to think D.M. has gold hiding up his butt and he can do no wrong.

When I finally stood up to my boyfriend and said no more D.M. in this house… not even for a second. I don’t care if he has no other place to go!! I won’t enable him any longer. Of course my boyfriend agreed and respected my concerns… NOT! He gave me the cold shoulder for TEN HOURS straight lol. I felt like I had told him I hoped his mother would die or something.

The bromances run sooo deep… to where this loudmouth, prematurely balding, alcoholic, 30 YEAR OLD, stinky little hobbit can bum for YEARS and do nothing but leech off of his friends and make their girlfriends hate coming home.

Enough is enough. Everyone has their own problems. Really, who wants to take care of someone who doesn’t even want to take care of his or her self.

I can’t even imagine how much money we’ve all spent on getting this one person drunk and high all the time… every. single. last. one. of. us. are enablers.

I want this guy permanently out of our lives. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to get that saying, “You are who your friend’s are.” I can’t get him to see that his “best friend” is trash. He offers nothing… no emotional support, no great advice, just a few drunken laughs. He’s a 30 year old, alcoholic child. I wish he would go back wherever the hell he came from.

3 thoughts on “Homewrecking Bromances?

  1. He really did find a “Bromance” Love Potion No. 9, or sold his soul to the devil in exchange for an endless supply of weed, alcohol, and suckers to put a roof over his head.


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