Death to P. Dignity

Precious’ Dignity, also known as P. Dignity passed away on June 24, 2014 at approximately 10:47 pm. It is survived by no one and lived a short, small life and then slowly fizzled away when the host that was suppose to hold it close and let no one take it from her was caught picking her nose by her boyfriend.

There was nothing even in her nose… so P. Dignity didn’t have to die. It died over an itch! But because the host couldn’t see that her boyfriend was staring at her beyond the laptop glare and had a heart attack it subsequently sent P. Dignity to it’s demise. 

P. Dignity will be laid to rest on tomorrow at Girl’s Night when the host will cry into her wine glass and relinquish any drops of dignity she may be holding onto because obviously she can’t control herself and doesn’t deserve to have the one thing that’s suppose to keep you from going through horribly awkward embarrassments.

Fuck her life!

4 thoughts on “Death to P. Dignity

  1. Oh damn. Did he laugh or just scoff in disgust? God whats worse? OH! Queefing in front of someone for the first time, then being so embarrassed that you nervously laugh but then fart, and you are so shocked and obviously lubricated that you also shit yourself? That would be way worse! No worries P. Dignity!


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