Let’s Turn Off the Lights and Dance! | Daily Prompt


It’s not very easy for me to makes friends… there’s many reasons for that. My resting bitch face, I’m quite shy when I meet new people, I make inappropriate jokes sometimes, my stomach hurts from my horrible gas problems and it makes me not want to talk, I go through these hermit-like anti-social phases, etc. (Seriously there’s more, I’m surprised people can even stand me.)

Even with those obstacles, I have managed to fall in love with a group of people and there is ALWAYS music in the background. All genres, random artists, slow songs, ratchet beats, weird shit, whatever the genre is under the underground music… we listen to it all. 

This song just makes me want to dance and I want to be in a t-shirt and granny panties with socks, dancing around my apartment. I get down like that quite often actually. It’s fun and therapeutic.

I don’t know if you are aware but there are these videos on YouTube that put present day songs to Soul Train episodes. One night, my amazing group of friends and I were obviously drunk. Evie convinced us to turn the lights out and dance to this video. LoL. It was the best thing that had happened to me that week. I don’t think they even realized that.

I would like to point out that Evie was also the one to do the split into the robot and no one realized they were suppose to help her up lmao.

Rap music is definitely not my favorite but when you are wasted with your friends and this song comes on… you kind of can’t help but literally scream it like you’re Lil Jon.

*the video is a little crazy people’s privates move to the beat and it’s weird*

Last but not least, someone introduced me to Phantogram this summer and I immediately fell in love. IMMEDIATELY. Indefinitely. And completely.

“Music is a reflection of you.”

Your friend,


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