Please Tell Me Everything [Daily Prompt]

I am sitting on the Houston Metro or on a plane or in a waiting room somewhere and the person next to me starts talking……………

That is my socially awkward nightmare to say the very least lol. Usually when out in public by myself, I am in my own head, sorting through all the thoughts of the day. What’s for dinner? What bills are due next? Will I have enough money for those bills? Etc. Boring adult stuff.

So, panic ensues. Either I didn’t quite hear what they said or I don’t really care and I don’t want to be rude.

What does this person want from me?!

So, I immediately start agreeing with whatever that person is saying. Even if it goes against my soul and that person said they hate cheese. I LOVE cheese but to make Mr. or Ms. Talkative happy, I hate cheese, it’s disgusting.

You would think that I would either politely nod at their comment and pretend to play on my phone like a normal person but no… 

I get trapped into a long conversation that I don’t care about but this person’s happiness has just become my number one priority and he or she is my new best friend. 

I will listen to every childhood story you have, please tell me everything! I don’t care that I have to go home or I have ice cream melting in the car. I’m not going to stop you!! 

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